Development of a raising, walking and exercise device for rehabilitation of stroke victims

walk3Stroke (cerebrovascular accident) is the most common cause of adult disability in Europe. Roughly 75% of victims survive, but about half of these lose the ability to live independently in their own home. As strokes often result in long term disability rather than death, the rehabilitation and hospitalisation represent a major economic burden for the EU of about €34bn annually.Offering stroke patient quality rehabilitation equipment will give them faster physical recovery and improved walking skills through increased physical strength and endurance, better walking pattern and increased coordination and gait. Even patients that may never be able to walk again can benefit from the possibility to stand up, improving blood circulation, posture, trunk strength, kidney and lung function and preventing pressure sores. Physical training will improve the stroke victims’ general health contributing to their quality of life and preventing another stroke attack or other medical complications related to inactive lifestyle.

WalkX project developed a high quality, advanced, assistive training device for stroke patients that will help stroke victims achieve a faster physical recovery and regain their mobility and independence.


walkBy Eesti Innovatsiooni Instituut, in WalkX project a new novel rehabilitation device with weight bearing support was developed together with following blocks:

  • Upper body supporting and weight bearing vest
  • Frame sensor system and a control system for the walker and the upper body support vest
  • Feet propulsion unit and lower frame for feet movement training
  • Upper structure capable of withstanding the static and dynamic loads generated by the user
  • Lifting and stabilising device to raise the patient for a walking position and to help him to keep his balance while training

It is estimated that the total market of WalkX is €250mn in Europe. The SME participants in this project represent the European Medical Device Industry, comprising over 8,500 businesses where more than 80% are SMEs. The European companies, who are threatened by strong competition from USA and Japan, strengthen their market position by WalkX project.