New product, technology and process development

We are a leading New Product Development (NPD) contractor, working with companies across the world. Be it new product or systems development for your company, or addressing technical and commercial opportunities in your existing systems or products.

Eesti Innovatsiooni Instituut (EII) has been an NPD partner in more than 30 large international multi-stakeholder projects and our experts, facilities and equipment enable a rapid but optimum approach to overcoming your NPD challenges. Recent industries supported include automotive, medical and ICT/IoT.


Modelling and simulation

In various phases of planning, developing and launching new products, services and processes, it is cost-effective to simulate and model performance of systems in order to identify potential issues before they materialize and iron out inefficiencies.

Our experts can model and simulate your thermodynamic, mechanical as well as manufacturing and business processes by using primarily AcuSolve, Ansys and Arena Simulation. Discrete Event Simulation by using Arena Simulation package, enables us to analyze rapidly a processes’ or system’s behaviors over a long time, by answering various “why” and “what if” questions in the design phase, which minimizes financial implications. It is equally suitable for both business and financial but equally also manufacturing process modelling.

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Designing and building prototypes

Before your product, technology or process is ready for launching to the marketplace, we can help you design and build various types of prototypes.

Prototypes we have delivered range from small PCBs to units weighing 100’s of kilograms for larger scale validation and include electrical, mechanical, software and pneumatic elements to test the performance of the whole system or its sub-systems separately. Whichever way is most reasonable in particular situation.

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Industrial automation

We support you within the development and upgrading of manufacturing processes equipment, needed for launching your products or processes to the marketplace.

EII experienced engineers can design, build, install and maintain custom-made equipment for your manufacturing plant and train your personnel to operate the equipment efficiently and safely.

Our experts can work in wide areas of Industrial Automation (PLC, HMI, SCADA, Motion Control and Industrial Networks), electrical and mechanical devices, from conceptual drawings until after-sales service and training. EII is supporting industrial automation devices and solutions from Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley and Rockwell Software).

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Project management

All projects we undertake have full support from our experienced Project Managers who are experienced in running complex technological projects. We are a founding member of the Estonian Project Management Association.

In last 10 years we have been involved in more than 40 international collaborative technically challenging projects with clients and partners from more than 26 different countries. Our rigid systems in place, combined with Systems Engineering and other methods reduce the risks involved in NPD.

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