Advanced drying unit controlling fish maturation and drying processes


Traditionally, stockfish is produced from wild-caught cod during a short and intensive fishing period from February to March. The fish is dried until June on outdoor wooden racks. The problem is that the effects of the weather can lead up to 40% of stockfish being downgraded from prima quality and lost.

The development of innovative indoor process for maturing and drying of stockfish allows all-year around stockfish production, increasing profitability through higher product quality and minimal production losses. The SafeTrackFood project takes the drying and maturing process indoors and production time is reduced from traditional four months to just 30 days.

For the novel drying unit, Eesti Innovatsiooni Instituut developed:

  • Control system to run control protocols, based on the requirements identified for stockfish maturing and drying;
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system that is monitoring, controlling and logging the stockfish production processes.

The control system together with the SCADA monitors and controls the maturing and drying processes, producing a standardised product with high reliability and minimal batch differences. Our client Athena Seafoods, a Norwegian seafood supplier, has described the benefits: “This will allow us to increase the volume of our sales and accessibility to a predictable quality, traceability and not least a healthy product which can be further processed in to ‘ready-to-eat’ and ‘easy-to-cook’ products”.

Improving the production processes for prima quality stockfish from cod and other white fish from wild catches or farmed fish species all around the world will enable the business to expand across Europe, North-America and Australia.