Automatic cargo security for trucks and trailers


Truck-Safe is a fully automatic remotely controlled cargo securing system that is secure and adaptive for partial loads, different load shapes and weight. The largest advantage for the user is timesaving – automatic trailer loading systems can fill a trailer in a few minutes. With the Truck-Safe system the cargo no longer needs to be secured by hand, which otherwise can take anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes depending on how much corner protections need to be placed and how easy it is to reach all lashing points in the trailer. Only if the speed of cargo securing operation is improved can the full benefit of an automatic loading system be realised for the truck owner or hauler.

The Truck-Safe system continuously supervises the lashing forces and re-tensions it when needed. It can also be used to give an alarm on sudden loss of tension both while on the road and also while standing.

The Truck-Safe system eliminates all need to climb on the cargo or the cargo base. It also eliminates the need to open the sides of the trailer and the need to collect and store all ratchet tensioners and straps after unloading.

With the Truck-Safe system installed, there is no possibility to forget to execute the cargo securing operations. Even in distribution traffic it is easy to release the cargo securing, unload a part of the load and re-tension again. If parts of the cargo are removed from the middle of the load, the system automatically forms separating barriers between the remaining parts.

Truck-Safe has won the third place for the Trailer-Innovation 2015 award in the category Safety.



EII is developing the automatic lashing and unlashing system as well as the tarpaulin moving system necessary for site loading of the cargo.

These systems include mechanical and electric components as well as an electronic control unit with a sensor network.